Behind the Scenes

The creator behind Candy Matson was Monty Masters (previously Monty Mohn). Originally, he wrote the show as a starring vehicle for himself but his mother-in-law convinced him to rewrite the show for a woman. The perfect Candy Matson lived in the same house with him--his wife, Natalie Park Masters.

MNatalie Parksonty and Natalie were fixtures in the San Francisco area. They were actors in the area for over 15 years before Candy Matson. Monty took great care to pay homage to the city by including local landmarks in and around San Francisco. In return, Candy Matson was the most popular show on the West Coast.

During the run of the show, 1949 to 1951, Monty wrote or supervised the writing on all 93 episodes. Unfortunately, there are only 14 audio episodes that anyone can find though 81 scripts are archived. The show, however, never gained the national success the Masters desired. It aired on NBC and never had a consistent sponsor. If a show didn't have a regular sponsor, NBC tended to move it from time slot to time slot. As a result, Candy Matson was considered more of a regional success.

Of all the female detective shows, Candy is considered the best. Not because the show was the best of bad choices but because Candy the character was an engaging, sassy, take no prisoners type of woman. A woman who did just fine in a man's world.


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