Smoking GunCandy worked with her best friend and sidekick, Rembrandt Watson. Rembrandt accompanied Candy on many of her adventures though he was pretty useless in a fight. He did, however, provide a lot of comic relief.

In the audition episode, titled "The Donna Durham Case", Rembrandt was written as a failed, drunken fashion photographer. When the show was picked up for broadcast, he was rewritten to still be a photographer but he was no longer a drunk. He also gained expert knowledge on many esoteric subjects.

There is much speculation that Rembrandt was gay because he exhibited many stereotypical gay behaviors. He was portrayed as an effeminate, opera-loving man who didn't mind Candy paying his way. Many believe that Rembrandt Watson was a nod to the San Francisco gay community as thanks for being loyal listeners.

Lt. Ray Mallard was Candy's police detective boyfriend. They often found themselves working on the same cases, with Candy solving the case before Mallard. Mallard constantly underestimated Candy, like many people she encountered. The final episode ends insipidly with Mallard asking Candy to marry him and she never has to work again. It was probably because he didn't have to compete with her any longer.


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